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November 13th 2009 special concert 4 René in Paradox Tilburg

The other day René Theunis (team Leijdal) said he wanted to attend a concert of the band; As a result of a initiative of our conductor Rob van Reimersdal his wish came true Friday November 13th. It was clear to everyone present that René fully enjoyed the special concert in witch the band played a variety of songs specially chosen for him, meaning lots of trombone songs.

When René and his wife Monique entered the room what other song could we play then ‘Trombone perplex'. We also presented a couple of new songs to René like Golden Earring and Mud s ‘Radar Love, / ‘Tigerfeet' and ‘Valerie' from Amy Winehouse. Rene's Police chief Joop Beekmans and our special representative Michiel van der Sanden watched the whole thing.

Marie-Louise didn't just perform her wonderful songs for René but also made sure that the ambiance in Paradox was changed into a warm nest. In short a lovely informal afternoon.

At the end of the concert René thanked everybody and we all enjoyed the food and beverages after woods.

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