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September 5th 2007

Finally after a year of hard work, a lot of rehearsals doing it over and over again, it's ready and we have a CD. It took us a long time but in the end the result is what's most important. A beautiful CD is the result of all of our effort and we we're very proud to present it. The CD gives you a good impression of the Mid West Band and it's repertoire.

We presented the CD in the Jazz club Paradox in Tilburg and we had a great support act the band Flavour. This band is one of the other orchestras conducted by our own Rob van Reijmersdal

The first CD was presented by Michiel van der Sanden the kabinet-chef from the Police region Midden en West Brabant . All our guests that afternoon received a new CD so they could enjoy the music of the nicely at home. At the end of the concert we merged the two bands into one, creating a BIG band. Music by Mr. John Miles was the final piece.

f you want to receive a CD of the Mid West Band, you can. The price is € 10 and you can order them by sending a request by email to CD bestellen.

On the CD you'll find a couple of traditional Big Band pieces but also two pieces made for the band. One of them is a special request by the Police chief himself called the Mid West Shuffle. Both pieces are composed by Rob van Reijmerdal. The other on is a beautiful balled called I'd rather be blue Our Lady singer Marie-Louise created the lyrics for this song.

CD Tracks
True Blue
Route 66
I'd Rather Be Blue
Storm Warning
Mid West Shuffle
For once in my life
Stray Cat Strut
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