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May 10th, 2008

Just a Sunday in May. After long preparation, it finally came true. The merger of 2 major orchestras in a unique cooperation. The members of Flavour and the Mid West Band attempted to record 20 pieces of music. 2 orchestras really working together and the result is a mix of these 2 bands. Rob (our Artistic Director) created the line up and 2 completely new bands have emerged. During the final rehearsal in the morning we could finally see what happens when you start an adventure such as this. After some hours everyone stepped out of his own boundaries and the results were amazing.

Around the 3 o clock the crowd is flooding the room with the 2 fans of both orchestras and everybody did his best to put up a good show. After kilometres cable, plugs, sweat and tears of course, we recorded 20 tracks.. For the technicians that was the start their party. Of course all the tracks have to be mixed we'll show you the results later.

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