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Marinus van Deudekom

Instrument: Double Bass & 5 string electric bass

Together with drummer Erwin we are a thundering steaming rhythm train of the Mid West Band. There is no way to escape, either you ride with us or you'll be run over by it. Together with piano player Marcel, percussionist Ton and guitar player Wim we ensure that we lay down a beautiful carpet on which the horns can smoothly drop their beautiful melodies.

Since 1978 I'm involved in the Police Music, at first as a drummer in the Police brass band but ever since the transformation into a big band I'm playing the double bass. Starting at my early childhood music flows through my veins so it will not surprise you that I've played in several bands. All kinds of music passed by up from rock to country to taking a stroll with pop covers. The names of those bands are The Creation, Wanted, New Sound, That's It, Wheels, Swing Out and of course 57Chevy and Road House.

The bass I use is a German 3 / 4 Double Bass (bass) and a 5 string Bass collection "De Vos " bass. Because a lot of music nowadays requires a low B string, I bought a 5 string bass stick build by Ned Steinberger Design. As a tribute to my father, I call it "Grandpa"

My main amp is an all SWR stack. Workingmans 750 top combined with the "Son of Bertha and a workingsmans pro 2 x 10 inch top cabinet, together with my Boss GTB effect machine the fat bass sound is created for sure..

More than 10 years I'm the chairman of the band and together with the other members of the board we make sure that it's possible for the band to do what they like best, playing as much as possible.

Rhythm section
Marinus van Deudekom
Erwin van Erve
Ton Tiggelman
Wim Franken
Jelle Posthumus
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